I highly recommend Barbara Smith RN, QHHT Practitioner;   She is dedicated to helping and healing people, and she is very good at what she does and she has definitely helped me.


June 18, 2019

I had a QHHT session that brought up a past life memory that has profoundly affected me all of my life

yet I couldn’t identify the source. With Barbara’s gentle technique and guidance through the session, I

was able to uncover it. That discovery has allowed me to remove those crystallized memories from my

soul with the help of my Higher Self.

November, 2019 Guimel

I've had two Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions with Barbara and each were incredibly beneficial, insightful and healing in unique ways! With her guidance I was able to reach new levels of consciousness that allowed me to tap into valuable sources that were critical in my healing and transformational journey! Honestly, I was unsure of how "cooperative" I could be or how effective the session would prove, but I gave it a chance and I'm SO glad that I did! With Barbara beside me using the techniques of her trade and her natural instincts, I found new levels of being that enabled my body, mind and soul to heal at their deepest levels. This therapy is priceless and unlike anything else. I cannot recommend Barbara and QHHT highly enough! Sometimes there just aren't enough words!


October, 2019 Jessica

My hypnosis sessions with Barbara have been amazing!  I have retrieved past life memories that have helped me understand and release certain emotions and thought patterns that have negatively influenced me all of my life.   Incredibly, I have also been able to retrieve universal lost knowledge that has given me a whole new perspective about reality. I certainly couldn’t have accessed this part of my consciousness without Barbara’s expert guidance.   I am now developing the vision and ability to reach this space on my own! Thank you, Barbara!!


                                                                                                            September, 2019 Janett

Barbara Smith is a brilliant, insightful, and meticulously trained QHHT practitioner.  She’s genuinely passionate about helping people and animals HEAL. Barbara’s inspired healing comes from her beautiful HEART.  Her brain is wired for this type of healing and her technical training flowed gently out of her. Barbara was able to help me connect with and begin processing some ancient pain and shame that I had stored deep within my being.   She gently and with upmost respect and love, guided me into an important part of my brain. It was an incredible release for me as well as a powerful healing. Thank you, Barbara, for sharing your GIFT with me. 


    November,  2019 DonnaSue

Barbara Smith RN, QHHT Practitioner

Email: barbaras4@icloud.com 

 San Angelo, Texas 

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