Your hypnosis session can be a life-changing event. The energy and intention you put into the preparation is an important factor in how your session will unfold. As the practitioner, I am guiding you into accessing the theta brain wave state which is a state we all experience at least twice daily, as we drift off to sleep and as we start to awaken. In this easily obtained state are the answers to the questions and guidance we seek.  During waking hours, we all have blocks and filters which prevent us from clearly hearing our Higher Self's guidance and direction. However, during the theta brainwave state, those blocks and filters are muffled, allowing that guidance to come through much more clearly. Your intention to have a great session is the key to success. Once you have made the decision to have a QHHT session, your Higher Self is already preparing you!


Prior to the session, you will need to prepare a list of questions you would like answered. The questions frequently are about health questions and relationship/ life questions. A frequently asked question is “Why am I here?” Ask whatever you would like your Higher Self to answer.

The evening before, avoid alcohol and get a good night’s sleep. The morning of, eat a light, healthy breakfast with minimal sugar intake and limit your caffeine intake. If you are used to coffee in the morning, don’t deny yourself but minimalize the intake. Please wear comfortable clothing to allow for maximum, relaxed comfort. The sessions are private and no one else is allowed to be present during your session.


Each session lasts from 5-6 hours, some last longer. Please allow yourself the luxury of the entire day. We begin the session by getting to know each other. We will talk about your life journey, experiences and the important people in your life. This portion of the session will last 2-3 hours. I will explain to you the hypnosis process so you will be clear on what to expect and you will be reassured how easy it is. There is nothing to be nervous about, you will be accessing that part of you that loves you unconditionally!


The actual hypnosis session will last approximately 1 ½ hours to 2 hours. You will be easily guided into a relaxed theta brain wave state using words and images. We will explore whatever stories or memories are brought forward. Your Higher Self is the guide and will take you to the places where your questions and issues

can be understood and then, easily resolved.


The next part will be a body scan and request to heal and repair issues that are identified. Lastly, we will have a conversation with your Higher Self asking your questions and asking for any other guidance the Higher Self deems appropriate.

The last part of the session is to be gently counted up. We will discuss what has occurred and your memory of it. You may feel you remember it all but it is more common to have memory lapses.


Your session will be recorded for you. It is important that you relisten multiple times because your Higher Self will continue to give you insight and guidance into the information that was provided.


It is common to come out of the session with a sense of awe and wonder at how easy it is to access our guidance. You will not be the same person after this multi-dimensional experience. It is common to have profound and emotional healing, as your struggles have been made understandable, allowing you to move on in a healthy way.

Barbara Smith RN, QHHT Practitioner


 San Angelo, Texas 

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