Book A Session 

To book a QHHT session or if you would like more information about QHHT and how it could help you,  email me at or write a small introduction below including why you are seeking a session.


Prior to establishing an appointment we would have a brief pre-interview by phone.   


All sessions will be held in my private healing space on my property in San Angelo,  Texas.

This experience can be the most profound event in one’s life, making it a priceless gift.   It is offered from my heart to yours with no fee attached. I have been led to make this gift to others with no conditions attached to their experience.  If your heart leads you, I do accept voluntary donations which are funneled to the non profit organization, Hearts of Healing Center. This center’s mission is one of giving freely to the community with a multitude of services to assist them on their path.

Barbara Smith RN, QHHT Practitioner


 San Angelo, Texas 

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